drill sharpener

I have a black diamond drill sharpener and it has the name tag of company
that owned it long ago the name is Aircooled Motor Corp any body ever hear
of this company? batw
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Hey batw,
Are you asking about Black Diamond, the manufacturer, or are you asking about Air-Cooled being the original owner??
I have Black Diamond drill sharpener. The company can still be found in the New England area someplace, but the only time I tried to contact them a few years back I got no answer. As it didn't matter, I never pursued it further.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson
What I'm refering to is the I.D. tag that some companies put on their equiptment usually with a serial no or some identifying marks the name of the company that owned the black diamond drilll sharpener is Aircooled Motor Corporation I was just wondering who they were and who absorbed,merged with them thanks Brian batw
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Back in the sixties there was a company called Aircooled Motors in New Jersey that sold Volkswagens and Porsches. Don't know if this is the same outfit or not....
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John Hall

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