FS 40 TAPER NMTB 300 Kwik Switch Master Holder and a single MT 3 holder that fits same

This is the Master Holder that I am selling. (just arrived in the mail)

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I always "thought" that I would like a 300 series set because the holders are so very cheap and when I saw this master holder up for sale I had a rush of blood and threw in a shit bid on it. The rest is history.

Truth is I just don't need it. I have a total cost of $80 bux into it now (inc Canadian taxes, brokerage and shipping) so that's what I'd like to get out of it. (or a better offer (O: ) I thought I'd ask here before going to the bother of selling on the bay.

Bill Darby

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Bill Darby
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I just went to look at it, and found it to be an unusually annoying auction presentation.

I presume that the Shockwave Flash content was from Andale, not from you.

I refuse to install the plugin for Shockwave Flash, and when I went to view the large format images (which I like), I found it putting up an offer to download the plugin for *each* image that I visited.

I was sort of interested in bidding on that, but with the unusually obnoxious Shockwave Flash, I will not.

Could you please pass on to Andale how it has cost you at least one bidder, and probably more?

Thanks, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

He's the buyer. It's not his auction. He's offering it to the group before he ebays it....Paul

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Hi DoN

Yea,,, PJ has it right when he says that I'm just the buyer. Sorry about your not being able to see the pictures. I'm running XP, and my browser is Outlook Express and I noticed no problems. If you wish I could send you the pictures that I saved from that site (on the side) as I usually save pictures of the tools that I buy, just for the record. (Yes, I just checked and I do have six low resolution .jpg pics on file.)

Take care Bill D

PS I cannot believe the seller threw in the MT 3 holder. I was not expecting to get it. Perhaps I just did not notice if he mentioned it was part of the purchase.

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Bill Darby

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