FS: A-2 tool steel plates

I'm in San Carlos, CA. (About 15 miles south of SFO Airport)
I have several 24" x 22" x .75" and 22" x 21" x .5" A-2 tool steel
plates that a tool and die company scrapped. The plates don't have any
rust, but they do have four .5" holes around the perimeter and a
.5"x.5" milled rabbet on two sides. (I'm sure in metalworking they
wouldn't be called a rabbet, would they?)
I'm using two of the plates for a welding table top, but I was going to
sell the others.
I know these were expensive new. Any offers?
akushner at gmail
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Probably "shoulders".
Careful with heating the plates. If you get them red (even in just a localized spot), they'll probably harden and you could get a chip in your body if you subject it to shock (with a hammer, for instance).
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Robin S.

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