FS: Vintage Welder Manuals

Vintage Welding Books
photos & descriptions upon request.
1. Welding & Metalcutting by Molloy; 1942 112p hardbound w/ dustjacket
2. Autogenous Welding & Cutting by Kautny; 1915 160p hardbound
3. Oxy-Acetylene Welding Manual by Campbell; 1919 172p softbound
4. Technical Manual of Welding, TM 1-430 (Military); 1942 180p softbound
5. Fabrication of Oxwelded Piping by Linde Corp; 1934 156p softbound
6. Welding, Brazing & Soldering vy Popular Mechanics; 1941 96p hardbound
7. ARC WELDING by Lincoln Electric; 1926 160p softbound
8. Oxy-acetylene Welding & Cutting by Burrows; 1915 138p hardbound
9. Oxy-Acetylene Welding & Cutting by Harcourt; 1935 130p softbound
10. Chemical Plumbing, Leadburning & Oxy-Acetylene Welding for Plumbers & Heating Engineers by Partington; 1932 445p hardbound
11. Arc & Acetylene Welding by Kerwin; 1944 first edition 240p hardbound
12. Oxy-Acetylene Welding & Cutting, Electric Forge & Thermit Welding by Manly (Drake Mechanical Series); 1916 209p softbound
13. Oxy-Acetylene Welding by Hallock; 1934 97p hardbound
14. Welding ALCOA Aluminum by ALCOA; 1972 241p hardbound
15. The Welding Encyclopedia by Mackenzie; 1922 388p softbound
16. Welding Metallurgy by Henry; 1940 359p hardbound
17. A Practical Manual of Autogenous Welding by Granjon; 1928 266p harbound
18. Welding Handbook, V.1 7th edition by AWS; 1976 375p hardbound
19. Welding Processes & Power Sources, 2nd edition by Pierre; 1974 410p hardbound
20. OxyAcetylene Welding & Cutting Instruction Course by AIRCO; 1942 100p hardbound
21. LINDE Tips & OxyAcetylene Tips by LINDE; 1952 96p hardbound
22. ABSCO Welding Equipment & Supplies Catalog #58; 1957 246p hardbound
would like to sell the lot for $100.00 + ship; if you are interested in individuals please inquire.
carson city, nv
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the batch of welding books have been sold, TNX!
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