Fwd: Plea from my Father-in-law

I urgently require information regarding a Deckel - FP1 universal milling
In particular an operators manual or any information regarding
a source for spares etc.
Please reply to this email address : ikie snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com or to the
I would appreciate any phone numbers from fellow model engineers who could
help me in the UK regarding this machine.
I am not on the internet and this email is being sent by a family member.
Thank you for taking the time to read regards Gerald.
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Ikie Cabolacov
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First off this is a terrible machine. It's probably only worth scrap metal value. Anyone who purchased this machine probably did not realize they made a big mistake, so please send me his name and address so that I might go there straight away and give him his money back for it, and haul away the scrap metal he's been burdened with.
But seriously, you will have good luck posting the request here:
This is a special-purpose site for deckel (amongst others) users and the folks there are quite knowledeable.
================================================== please reply to: JRR(zero) at yktvmv (dot) vnet (dot) ibm (dot) com ==================================================
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jim rozen
And a guy that goes by the handle "wrench" there sells a CD chock full of Deckel info. Good quality stuff, too, from what I've seen.
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Mike Henry
Thanks guys I'll check it out --Ikie
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Ikie Cabolacov
Go to:-
for manuals (search fro Deckel) and:-
for quick information
HTH Mark Rand (no connection, but a happy customer) RTFM
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Mark Rand

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