Genset metal frame supports?

I've just purchased a ChangFa 22hp diesel engine and a 10Kw head. I'm about to fab a metal base from 4" channel. I am planning on making it a permanent installation, i.e. not a mobile genset.

I was going to use a concrete form (tube) to make a few footers that rise above ground a foot or so and wanted to mount the metal frame to the concrete footers, the remaining floor in the lean-to that will house the genset will be finished with landscape fabric and crushed rock.

Would I need to isolate the metal frame from the concrete footers with some kind of rubber bumpers, i.e. motor mounts?

The genset weighs in around #1000 lbs.

Any ideas on a good way to fab the metal frame to prevent racking, other than just a rect. with a few crossmembers to support the engine and head? How would I go about using cross bracing?


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Here's the way I did vibration isolation: using used tires.

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