Glue Delron

My CRX's wiper ares use a ball & socket setup. The socket is some smooth
white plastic that appears to be Delron or similar.
Is there any way to glue same?
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David Lesher
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Yep, Remove broken part, throw in trash, replace with new part.
Gluing a wiper transmission pivot will be a waste of time. They are made of a special plastic that is one step away from air in it's ability to be glued together.
Your FLAPS will have a HELP section which will have a package of different pivots in it, see if any of them are the correct ones.There are also a few vehicle specific ones.
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Steve W.
"FLAPS" - Favorite Local Auto Parts Store ?
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Bob Engelhardt
"Steve W." wrote in message
Those special plastics usually contain glass fibers to give it strength. Once those fibers are fractured there is no glue which will come even close to the original strength. Steve is right - pitch it and get a replacement. Art
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