Gorton 8D info or owners?

Hi all,
I've just bought a '42 Gorton 8D mill. It's a good size for my dinky garage
and seems well taken care of. It's got an 8x24 table, 12 speed table power
feed, and for a mill its size has a lot of X,Y and Z travel. It's a cool
piece. The only significant downside is that it uses unique three sided
collets. Luckily, it comes with a set but I suspect an ongoing e-bay search
will ensue.
I'd love to get a copy of a manual or info that anyone has on the 8D or
other Gorton mill models that might apply to mine. I've spoken to a guy a
Famco who sent me a data sheet, but I need to do a better job of figuring
out what does what on this thing. Any help with resources, info or people
to contact would be appreciated.
I'm stoked. This will be a HUGE step up from the little mill-drill I've
been using.
BTW, Gunner has been a big help in giving advice during my search (even
though I didn't buy his Index). Thanks Gunner!
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Peter Grey
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I almost bought one in Connecticut the seller was asking $500. I ended up buying something else but am still tempted to go back. Looks like a nice mill for a home shop, the seller had two of them one he used in his small shop and the other he was looking to sell. I spent some time looking for information but found very little. There is a school in TX that has one in there shop , I called the instructor and he gave me some info but not much. Looks like a great little machine that's what I liked. Hell maybe you bought the one I was looking at. Please send me some photos snipped-for-privacy@makowicki.com
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The one I bought has spent the latter part of its life in the San Francisco Bay Area. When the I get the machine set up, I'll post some pictures.
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Peter Grey

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