I am in the process of refurbishing a 1950 Delta-Rockwell drill press.It has an auxiliary speed reducer that has a very weird ball bearing to hold the step pulley. If I could even find a replacement I don't even want to know what it would cost. It would cost more than the machine is worth. They wanted $50 to $60 for the motor bearings which I am replacing with cheaper ones and sone machined spacers.

It is a sealed bearing. I have cleaned out all the old hardened grease after removing the shields. As it is in a semi-protected area and as I have no way of replacing the shields, what type of grease should I repack it with?: Wheel bearing grease, molly, or?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Chuck P.

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Chuck P

Maybe too late but try "" for bearing stuff.

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Bob AZ

Go to this webpage

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and click on the ask a lubexpert box. Very knowlegable people and good straight answers. Good luck Lyndell

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Lyndell Thompson

Any good wheel bearing gease will do the job for you.


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Gunner Asch

Greetings Chuck, Does the bearing have an extended race? If it does then it may be available from an outfit the sells Walker-Turner replacement parts. Their name is Walker Turner Serviced Machinery LLC. Their email is Later, Eric

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I'd use ordinary bear grease, but gin up some kind of shroud or something to keep the dust out.

But, there's nothing wrong with moly - I just wonder about the price?

Have Fun! Rich

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Rich Grise

I wouldn't pack the bearings with any grease containing moly, unless it's specifically recommended for ball bearings. Moly lubes are generally called for in heavily loaded plain bearings and not recommended for small rolling bearings.

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Ned Simmons

Why isn't it recommended?


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GeoLane at PTD dot NET

MoS2 is a solid lubricant, like graphite. My understanding, and I'm no expert, is that it can pack into larger particles in a rolling bearing, and cause problems in small bearings with tight clearances. There are moly greases recommended for ball and roller bearings, but I think you'll find their use is typically limited to larger bearings in severe service.

I do have first-hand experience with moly oxides (not MoS2, but of similar consistency) packing in linear ball bearings to the point that the balls stop rolling.

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Ned Simmons

ISTR a NASA report from way back showing graphite building up in this way and taking up clearances in rolling element bearings. But really, if your application is cool enough that mineral oil grease is OK, moly isn't going to give you any benefit.

Moly greases are used in CV joints where there is rather limited rolling, and the forces are very large (so I'd expect any moly buildup just to extrude).

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