Grime Blaster

This item is listed in the Eastwood catalog as a sort of sprayer that
connects to 70 psi air and a hose to pressure wash stuff. I was wondering
if anyone has used one or has any comments on its utility compared to a
"real" pressure washer.
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I have one of this type (not Eastwood) but I don't have a 'real' pressure washer to compare it to. It works pretty good and blasts the thick mud and grease off my tractors. It does make a mess between the volume of water and the big piles of grease that come off. It probably would work even better with hot water, I'm working on that now. I paid about $30 for mine, I can't afford $$$$ for a 'real' high pressure washer.
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Nick Hull
Harbor Freight had one of these on sale when I was in one of their stores last week. Six dollars if my memory isn't faulty. Basically just an air spray wand with a side port, connected to a length of tygon tubing, whose other end in dropped in a bucket of hot, soapy water, or solvent. Look up Bernoulli if you want to know the principal. Basically, gas pressure is inversely related to velocity; moving air is below atmospheric, hence the fluid is drawn into the moving air stream. You won't likely get the volume of a true pressure washer, nor the ability to select different spray tips, but for small projects, it works just fine. The HF model did have a little needle valve assembly to regulate how much soapy water/solvent is pulled up.
These things can chew through the air though. Take a normal air nozzle, hook if up to your line, pull the trigger, and see how long it takes to cycle. Might be too often on a small contractor type compressor, but a large, two-stage should be just fine.
David Glos
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