Gunner: invite me for visiting in CA

I am now being a gunsmith and do ammo reload business for cheap shooting of bullits my sons and I invent for self defensive home. I am one of good guys and RCMers known me for honest man but people always makeing threats so I needed bigger guns. I wish good man like Gunner to invite me home and show him to turn buttits on lathe machine and boreing out Magnum Research Desert Eagles I now to concealing carry for bigger size cartridge shell cases. I will stay a couple weeks and bring my own cats. Thank you. Al

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Sir Al Babin
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jim rozen

Ya think they'd be painted grey and have the wrong collars on them?


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What so funny about my cats? I like cats and want to raise boy calacoesfor sale cheap before the disease shrink they're orgasimes and things. Sometimes the get painted but it washes off and they like taking a bath sometimes in the shower with wifes SWMBO. We ara a talapia fish farmer now too so I'm nit stupid helping the poor eat morecheap fish. Listen too learn on me. I"m doing more things know but gunsmithing is my newer pashon. Al

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Al Babin

Fake, fake, fake.

Everybody knows Al...


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John Hofstad-Parkhill door is always open, at least on the weekends. Come without cats and Ill send some home with you. Everyone needs spares.

As to staying a couple weeks, I sorta subscribe to the old saying.."Fish and visitors stink after three days" Even son and his new (pregnant) wife moved in...two weeks ago....double ungood. As for bigger guns...remember "Placement Placement Placement", though bigger guns iz fun!


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