gwm rotary ph conv ?

i am hooking up a G W M rotary phase converter, and i am having a problem
understanding the wiring diagram. it looks like you have to splice into(
1) 220 wire and connect it to L 1 in the convertor , and do the same with
the other wire and hook to L2 . then run a 3rd leg from T3 out to the machine
with the other 2 original wires . does this sound right
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Yes -- other than lacking a visible means to start the motor which serves as an idler. (There may be a way buried in there which you can't see, which connects between one of the input lines and the third line -- sometimes just a passive capacitance, and sometimes with a voltage-sensing relay to disconnect start capacitors once it is up to speed.)
Ideally -- there should also be capacitors to balance the voltages and currents, but you can usually do without those, at the cost of more (reactive) current -- it won't spin your power meter any faster, but it might trip circuit breakers more often than you would like.
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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