Mythbusters and the surplus store

Last night on Mythbusters, the 2 guys
went to a surplus store in the SF bay
area. I've never seen this store and
was wondering if anyone else knows what/
where it is?
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Jim Stewart
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You mean the computer place or the junkyard? I assume the computer place was Fry's, dunno about the junkyard.
Jim Stewart wrote:
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The new place is Excess Solutions. There's also Halted Specialties, Alltronics (which may not have a retail location anymore), Mike Quinn's (near Oakland Airport). Hal-Tek has closed.
There probably are still a few more.
Triangle machinery in San Jose is incredible. They had a table covered with ballscrews!
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Jon Elson
The metal yard looked like Alan Steel and Supply on 101 & Whipple (east) Redwood City, CA 650-369-2526.
The computer outlet looked like Surplus Computer Retail Store located at 1600 Duane Ave, Santa Clara, CA.
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