Boeing Surplus Retail Store Closing

I was at Boeing Surplus (Kent, WA) on Saturday, and got talking to the people who work there. The official word is that as of the first of the year the retail store will be closed.

All small items will be sold by lot bid on Dovebid, or Bidadoo, Large items will be sold by either auction or direct contractor sales.

Also, all charitable donations are suspended. Right now everything is in limbo. It seems some upper management type came up with this "brilliant" idea and nobody has figured out the details yet. Kind of a trench warfare feeling down at the store. I have known most of the store personnel for 15 years. Kind of sad if it does happen. Several of the older guys will likely retire, a little earlier than planned.

Yes Grant, I know that Boeing Surplus ran over your puppy a few years ago and you have never forgiven them, but it still sucks.

And this week we finally got our letter from the IRS granting Non-profit status to our student scholarship foundation. I was just going to write up the donation request letter on Monday. Comedy is all in the timing.

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Ernie Leimkuhler
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Yeah...I heard that too.

Very won't be coming back.


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What a bummer! I always found cool stuff that I didn't need down there!

On the other hand, perhaps now my garage won't be chock full of cool stuff that I don't need.

Perhaps they'll have a bodacious yard sale at the end...

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