Hardened lock shackles?

How easy are lock shackles to cut with, say, abrasive wheels?

I bought a "job box" today via ebay that had two locks but was missing the key. The lock system is kind of complicated to explain, but anyway, though the box was open and locks were removable, I still had to cut the shackles to free certain little parts. I just did it with a plasma cutter, but wanted to know for the future if regular abrasive wheels would also work.


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Make sure that you remove the burr left with a good wire brush.

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Tom Gardner

They do indeed, and very quickly.

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Don Foreman

Another way is to heat the hasp to cherry red and then cut it with bolt cutters, at red heat all steel is soft.


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Grant Erwin

That includes the itty-bitty ones for a cordless Dremel. I lost the key to a brand-name padlock that was on a building with no easy access to power. The Dremel cut through the hasp disgustingly quick.


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Carl Byrns

Ignoramus27712 wrote in news:H7GdnYphUo7fhKnbnZ2dnUVZ snipped-for-privacy@giganews.com:

They do, and the thinner the wheel, the faster they cut.

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On Sat, 28 Apr 2007 23:04:18 -0500, with neither quill nor qualm, Ignoramus27712 quickly quoth:

Simple. Is cutting through them in 8 seconds good enough? I use an $8 HF die grinder and 1/16x4 abrasive wheels.

Yes, and they also work well on hardened bearing races.

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Larry Jaques

I found out by accident that a sharp hammerblow in the right place will pop most locks open.


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Even a towel works in many cases (learned that in the army :-))


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Nick Mueller

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