heavy old lathe wanted in Ontario

I am looking for a fairly inexpensive lathe to use as a test bed for
electric motors. I need a machine that has a quick change spindle
speed gearbox. I would prefer a machine with a rolling element spindle
as opposed to plain bearings but might compromise for the right price.
A 14" to 16" swing would be about right, the shorter the bed the
better. If the price was right I would consider a machine with very
worn ways but this will obviously make the lathe much harder for me to
resell. I would prefer not to have to spend more than $2000 but might
spend more for the right machine. What I would really like is worn out
old machine for under $500. If anyone knows of such a machine in
southern Ontario (Kitchener) please let me know.
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I know where there WAS one, right in your back yard you could have had for about a hundred - but it's been gone for a year or two now. And they don't sell anything out of the yard any more (old Rosen/3m yard off Courtland) *** Free account sponsored by SecureIX.com *** *** Encrypt your Internet usage with a free VPN account from
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clare at snyder.on.ca
Cant be too hard to find in that neck of the woods. Definetly not compared to eastern ontario
Otherwise look up to the monarch post above
Delivery would likely make it fit your budget
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Brent Philion
Actually my milling machine is from that yard. The lathe I was thinking about was in the Madison St scrap yard. They don't let me walk around at the Triple M yard anymore, apparantly someone got hurt and sued. Since the price of scrap has gone up so much the yards don't keep so much old machinery on hand anymore. I am a mechanical engineer and make most of my living by designing machines for auto part factories but part of my business involves building small things in my shop. My hobby is going to the scrap yards on Saturday morning looking for interesting stuff to salvage.
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Out of curiosity
If you see another small mill in the area suitable for a home shop could you holler? youre within truck and trailer distance from Ottawa and there really is no manufactiring going on up here compared to southern ontario (automotive) or even northern ontario (mining) Its odd when there are more welding shops in the city you grow up in thats 1/8th the size of the city youre in now.
Brent P
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Brent Philion

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