HF Bandsaw - The Little Saw That Could

Well, I made a decent stand for my new 4.5" HF bandsaw. I used an S hook and turnbuckle to keep the saw from tipping. And I began cutting out the components for my next three gates. I was pleased with the little saw. I bundled up nine 1/2" x 1/2" pieces of .065" tubing, and cut them nine at a time. I cut some 3/8" flat bar for stops to keep the saw on the stand I made. All I have left to do is go to Home Depot and get some decent tires instead of the little cheesy plastic ones that come with it so I can wheel it around now that it is mated to the stand with the turnbuckle..

The tube I cut today, by my calculations come up to 1.17" cross section area. I hear of people cutting much more than that with this saw.

A $900 cutting saw it ain't. But for $150, it is acceptable.


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I've cut 4" dia solid steel round bar on mine many times. Not exactly quick, but it gives an accurate cut.


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I feel the same way about my $60 HF portable bandsaw. Once I got it last year, suddenly everything needed sawing.

Where was it all those years while I was sweating away with a hacksaw? (Masquerading as a $350 Milwaukee I guess.)

I highly recommend getting one of them for hobby level use, particularly if age is taking its toll on your stamina.


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Jeff Wisnia

Yup, cutting 200 pieces of 5/16" threaded rod 4" long will show you the error of your ways if you try to do it by hand. In addition to the 4x6, I've found a 1" belt grinder almost indispensible for deburring cut rods and tubes and prepping stuff for welding. No more claw-like right hand from deburring all day long with a file. After I got it, I wondered, where has this been all my life? One of those things that turns from something to buy someday to a gotta-have.


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Stan Schaefer

Bought the HF abrasive cutoff saw for around 60 dollars a while back. Now I wonder where my hacksaw is 'cause I haven't used it since then.

John H.

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i put an hour meter on my hf saw when i set it up. 170 hrs later and not a problem. sure it is not a johanson,,,,,,,,but i did not pay for a johanson saw. all in all,,,,,,,,,i would not hesitate to buy another.



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