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Getting to be an interesting thread. My Father used to use the HF brad nailer to make frames for my Mother. Thousands with no problems. Looks like electric sander it is. He's going to need the air nailer though. He's resideing his house. Karl

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On Fri, 23 Jul 2004 13:32:24 GMT, "Karl Vorwerk" calmly ranted:

Dunno about the air sander, but it depends upon his usage of said tool. If he wants to run it at full tilt for 8 hours a day, he'll need to sink a couple grand into a Ingy.

I just got the HF 4hp (riiiiight!) for $159 and it works fine for everything I've thrown at it so far, which is mostly automotive air tools and a blow gun (primary tool) It will do for your brother's siding and/or framing an entire house, but won't produce the CFMs he'll need for long-term air sander use. It's cheap enough that it may be cheaper than renting a compressor for the same time period.

It should run a small air sander (HF DA) OK for home repair jobs. I use a cabinet scraper instead of sandpaper most of the time. What a joy! (~$20 for the flat/curved sets from

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