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We have had a few discussions in recent months about the overall quality of
HF tools, and their portable bandsaw in particular. Each time I have chimed
in, saying that I own both a Milwaukee and a HF one--until now I have
considered that they work equally well.
I can now report on a significant difference. I was cutting up some used
iron porch rail, which sometimes caused me to run the saw with the blade
slightly twisted out of alignment. The blade kept coming off the HF saw, so
I switched to the Milwaukee, and had no more trouble. IOW, the blade guides
on the Milwaukee seem to work a lot better.
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Leo Lichtman
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There's a camber-type adjustment on the top idler wheel. I had problems w/ the blade popping off 'til someone showed me how to adjust it. I've since forgotten how. :) Also the ball bearing guides are cammed, I believe. You might be able to snug them up on the blade.
I'm getting six 4x6's (!!!) from my supplier's scrap heap, out of which I ought to be able to get 4 working ones. Will gang'em up on a water-tight welded table, each one w/ coolant. The logic is not to have to change speeds/blades so often.
I'll be a very bad HSM after that. :) -- Mr. P.V.'d formerly Droll Troll
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