HOA uses chopper to spy on homeowners

HOA in texas is using helicopters to spy on homeowners.
Read the full story at:
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Your home is not your castle in a HOA.
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Freemen own homes, HOA members don't.
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He shoulda shot the guy taking pictures and claimed he saw a gun.
I rented an apartment in columbia MD while house shopping- those are some scary fricken' people, those HOA goons.
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Yep there have been shootings, suicides, murders etc. all because of HOA disputes. Even if you can find a HOA that meets your life style requirements you have to remember that HOA's are corporations and governed by a board of directors, as such the next board that gets elected can change the bylaws at will and what was ok last year is a violation this year and so the terror begins. If you have a neighbor that thinks you shop is to noisy all they have to do is get on the board and your shop is history.
Regards Tom.
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He might want to check with the FAA about minimum altitude requirements over a populated area.
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If you have nothing to hide, what's the problem?
I'm personally more concerned about having neighbors with something to hide.
Harry C.
azotic wrote:
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Thank you. Many of us feel the same way. You won't mind, we're sure, if we send some observers over to your house to make sure you're having sex within the law.
No need to let them in. The monitoring equipment is already installed. They can observe from a car parked down the block.
-- Ed Huntress
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Ed Huntress
That's what just happened to me. I've asked my neighbors five or six times to tell me if I was being too loud for them. They kept saying that it wasn't a problem, that they didn't even notice.
For a year or so it was fine, as far as I could tell. Then something go up their ass and, rather than say something to me, they called the city and the homeowners association. The city and fire departments are O.K. with my shop, but the homeowners association is something else... and there isn't much I can do about it.
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As are many people. To paraphrase Ben Franklin: that's why people who trade away their rights for security and end up with neither.
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Somehow you remind me of this scenario:
When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent; I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat.
When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist.
When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.
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No problem. What's your address, I want to drop by and make sure you're not doing anything wrong.
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Cydrome Leader
So I guess the moral of the story is to not make an conscious decision to accept all the rules (or future rules) of HOAs, subdivisions and local government entities by completing a fully willing and optional purchase of a property under their jurisdiction.
Steve. Who lives in a rural county waaaaay outside the nearest town.
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read the above another way. get on to the board and your shop wont be history.
get on the board.
has the little light come on yet? Stealth Pilot
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Stealth Pilot
Serving on the board can only provide temporary relief, most states have term limits on how long HOA board members can serve. The next board elected may have a different view of things and shut you down if they want to. Best solution is stick with traditional housing and avoid HOA's alltogether if you like to tinker.
Best Regards Tom.
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I want to check if you are having sex with your wife in a manner approved by the govt ;)
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Nick Hull
"The DEA's got choppers in the air, I wake up screaming like I'm still over there..."
-Steve Earle, Copperhead Road
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If it's hidden, what concern is it of yours?
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Rex B
We will be over soon to check your computer for copyright violations and software licensing violations. Have your kids baby pictures out so we can make sure there is nothing that might indicate you are a pervert. We heard you have some risque diaper and bath tub pictures.
The data recorder / gps unit will be installed later this week in your automobile along with a RFID tag in your buttocks.
Wes S
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Copperhead Road.....
Rule #35 "That which does not kill you, has made a huge tactical error"
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I'm surprised that many states have anything like that as HOA's are typically created by perverting provisions of real-eastate and contract law.
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ISTR that through a loophole in the laws, hemp type seeds are not illegal to posses, just to grow, in the US of A?
Nothin as much fun as a front row seat to a DEA raid, now is there?
A handful of seeds into the flowerbed, or along side the shed that they have not trimmed around for a while...
I guess it is going to depend on what level of "fuck you!" you wish to dish out to the crappy neighbor.
OXO cubes can be fun, if they have a dog.
Dice a couple cubes up and fire them over the fence on a rainy day.
Dog will dig the whole place up trying to find them.
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones

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