Bye Bye to Home Shops

Interesting followup on the topic of HOA's and how they may affect
home shops. Its going to get intresting for people who specifically
purchased property that is HOA free. We have a situation where
an increasing number of municipalities are forcing HOA's upon
citizens. How will they accomadate thier citizens that want nothing to
do with a HOA ? Building a shed or work shop in your back yard
is going to be a problem, even existing structures can be in jepordey
if a HOA is formed.
GREENWOOD, Ind. -- Greenwood's city council is considering an ordinance that
would require homeowners to get approval from their neighborhood association
before obtaining a city permit for home additions.
Some older neighborhoods in Greenwood don't have such associations, so city
officials will urge those neighborhoods to create them, Morriston reported.
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You say "an increasing number of municipalities are forcing HOA's.." but the example you cite is another place studying the idea.
This idea is completely unconstitutional and is going to be illegal as soon as the first idiots try to pass it.
I don't think it's worth worrying about.
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Grant Erwin
City officials will urge those neighborhoods to create them goes way beyond a study or idea. It means the mechanism to do so already exists.
Every state in the union has laws permiting the formation of CIC's and or HOA's. Nothing in the US constitution prohibits thier formation.
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Only buy a house outside city limits ;)
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nick hull
I agree with Grant. Think about it. An HOA is formed to set neighborhood guidelines. Who is going to enforce them? The city? Not going to happen. I was a trustee in a HOA and we could only enforce what the city had as (laws). Something as simple as having the grass cut to 12" was unenforceable. We had individuals openly defy the HOA and we were faced with suing them or backing off. In every case we backed off because we didn't have financial resources for lengthy legal action. This is a "the sky is falling" non issue. If your city has zoning laws, well they have the force of law. -Mike
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My municipality doesn't even require permits as I'm outside city limits. Interesting when you stop in at the building dept. to see about an electrical permit for a service upgrade and they tell you that you don't need one. Expect it will be a while before it's an issue here, perhaps after my birth certificate expires at which point I won't care.
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Pete C.
On Wed, 29 Aug 2007 23:06:59 -0700, with neither quill nor qualm, Grant Erwin quickly quoth:
That's what "they" want you to think, Grant. I'm probably not alone in thinking that it's time to discipline government (from HOA to city, county, state, and federal), spank them when they do wrong, and put them back in line, as servants to the public, not our rulers.
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Larry Jaques
cities love to annex more land to increase the tax base
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