Bye to Rocketry, Large Sale

Well I've had it so there's gonna be one hell of a sale..
The new laws, the regulations, all the hassles to fly rockets anymore, who
needs it.. well NO that's not the problem.
I can deal with all of it and it's not a problem to be attacked publicly
by fellow "rocketeers" when trying to ask questions and learn more, well that's
a little much, to have my career choice and myself personally attacked again a
little much, then to see others in the hobby that I respect support this kind
of crap..well that's over the top.
So another newbie is going, you know that many will naturally loose interest
with the hobby as that's human nature, but any hobby unable to attract new
people and maintain them is done.
So those of you who have supported Jerry, congrats, and congrats to you too
Jerry but it's just not worth the nonsense anymore..
I'll fly what I can this summer then i'm done, after that everything is for
sale. I've plenty of other hobbies to pursue where i don't have to put up with
this crap.
October 1, 2004 everything on the website is for sale, there's over 90 built
rockets, low, mid, and high power, about 20 unbuilt kits, building supplies, a
ton of recovery compnonents, two 29mm mid power motor systems, one 29mm high
power system, one 38mm high power motor system and way more than i can
Check out what's available if you wish..offers are welcome and anything not
spoken for by October 1 will be placed for auction, low and mid power will go
on eBay and high power stuff will be auctioned on ROL.....
Time to go fishing......... cya
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Hey Firemanup,
Why not just flush rmr, and possibly ROL Chat? It's unfortunate that it got under your skin. Personal attacks and such don't often come out of nowhere, but perhaps they did. In my case, I only got flamed twice by accident, other times I either knew I was treading on risky ground or I directly baited someone. Anyway, rmr is not (for me) what rocketry is all about. I don't post here often and I don't live in the land of the regulatory hassles so I have to learn to keep my mouth shut about that stuff. I have posted questions and gotten good answers too. I also use The Rocketry Forum and have both asked and answered questions there.
However, none of this is required! I can just go out and fly rockets with my local club. That's how I started back into it. It's unlikely that you will face the crap you described if you show up at a launch site. Even if the same people are there, I bet it will be more cordial.
You make your decision but I would lose the irritant (if any) before I lost the hobby if it still made me happy.
Cheers in any case!
Len Bryan CAR S620 L3
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Len Bryan
Sorry to hear that. I recently visited your website...Lots of nice rockets.
It's sad to lose another customer because of political reasons. :( Your Jaguar kit is ready when you are.
Mike Fisher Binder Design
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firemanup: don't go, don't let the forces of evil get you down. Stay and communicate on TRF..... shockie B)
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Never saw it.
As I have been saying for over a decade.
Do you promise?
That is a relaxing and enjoyable pasttime. Sounds like a plan. See you there :)
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Jerry Irvine
Which website would that be?
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bit eimer
He can't help himself.
I do agree with your advise though.
Good insights.
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Jerry Irvine
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Jerry pissed him off. Why? Not sure. But if you did this guy wrong somehow Jerry, apologise. This guy IS what I consider rockerty. Just a good dude thats likes the hobby.I hope he changes his mind. We all have bad days.He's just a bit pissed.
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Chuck Kremer
I am willing to apologize on general principal.
But I believe I did him no wrong. He is just the kind of guy that loves to dish it out (and pile on) but cannot take it.
Most reasonable people dislike even a little criticism and abuse, no matter how much they are spewing.
Just like the attempted anon trolls do.
He is too reractionary and attacking to be classed a "good dude". I might call him a "compulsive dude" considering how many really nice rockets he has in such a short time. He was destined for burnout. I have a suggestion. Don't be excessive yet again by "dumping everything".
Just take a "break". Scale back the building a bit, scale back the attacking posts and chat a whole lot. Actually fixate on FLYING rockets and attending rocketry SOCIAL GATHERINGS (actively changing the subject off attacks and piling-on whenever possible). Those are the most rewarding aspects of rocketry anyway.
If I could wish for anything for Firemanup (whoever he really is, or anyone else), that would be it.
Be a G008, not an H640.
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Jerry Irvine
I agree. Don't dump the hobby, dump the stuff that bugs you. None of this online jabbering has anything to do with just going out and flying rockets.
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Nice website, and some nice looking rockets too. I see you're in Iowa, that's good. You don't have to worry about running into Jerry at your local launches. Stick with the hobby, have fun, and forget about that twisted little man online. He's irrelevant to the hobby.
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Heck, some of us have probably run into each other at the launch site and not even realized it was the same people we were flaming with on the internet!
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
I understand how you feel but after seeing dozens of these type of posts over the years, I've yet to understand why anyone, lets some other person or persons, spoil this hobby or any other similar situation for them. I haven't stopped enjoying sports because of the crap in little league, I haven't stopped enjoying working because of inter-office politics, heck, I haven't stopped enjoying family get togethers because some other family member gets sideways with another. I think it's simply called life, and it all comes with living.
I agree there's too much OT crap on rmr, there are too many weeds in my yard, my rockets don't always fly the way I want them to etc.
My point is, take it with a grain of salt. No one can spoil flying, or sports, or family, or whatever UNLESS, I let them. You, control to what degree, the garbage of daily living effects you.
FWIW, don't take it all so seriously and good luck, what ever you do.
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This should be in the FAQ!
MANY people just do not get this. People MAKE them feel.
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Jerry Irvine
You be the judge...
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Darren J Longhorn
I see a lot of piling-on and posturing and fixating on message delivery methods, but painfully little on the subject at hand except by me through discussion of the underlying ATF issues (which I was later proven right about).
Unless of course you concede attacking Jerry IS the subject.
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Jerry Irvine
Jerry has yet to apologize to anyone for posting ROL chat logs to RMR without at least the decency to ask first. I wouldn't expect one now.
So sad. -Rich
Chuck Kremer wrote:
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Rich Pitzeruse
I don't buy this, not for one minute. I don't know of anyone, who's so thin-skinned, that they allow one little self-worshipping usenet troll to drive them away from their hobby.
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Now you do.
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Jerry Irvine
Are you selling now or in October?
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