Unfortunately, saying good bye

My current ISP(internet service provider) is planning to drop all newsgroups from their services, I've just read this one, and it doesn't seem to have all the trash advertizements, and off topic intrusions that other newsgroup services seem to have. What's different here, is it moderated by an individual, or by the newsgroup provider, or what? Any info would be appreciated, because I'd like to find newsgroups similar to yours, but don't know what parameters to look for...

thanks again, and I've actually greatly enjoyed reading your newsgroup.... Best Regards (N.J. usa)

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Use Google news groups. They may not carry all the ones you want, but they are an alternative.


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They carry this one.

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. What's

it is unmoderated.

my guess is that electrical engineering is too dull a subject for most usenet kooks.

search "newsgroups" or "usenet". for a nominal fee a number of services will provide access. two popular ones are supernews and giganews.

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------------------------------- Sorry, we will miss you- I hope you will find a way back.

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Don Kelly


Regarding your recent post (below):

a) It seems to me that it's time for you to find a new ISP (or see b).

b) The amount of spam you see can also be controlled by your newsgroup supplier. For example, Supernews

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is (afaik) particularly vigorous about expunging SPAM from its servers. (There may well be other providers who are equally vigorous in this regard; I only happen to know about Supernews.)

c) If a quality ISP is out of the question, and if you can't/won't subscribe to a commercial Usenet newsgroup provider, there is always Google.

Good luck!

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Richard Kanarek

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