How Do You Get The Darn Bucket Lid Off

I buy way oil and cutting lubricant in five gallon buckets. Recently I just
got tired of picking up the buckets and pouring it into a funnel into
smaller containers for filling machine and I bought a couple bucket pumps.
Wow. I wish I'd done that years ago. Its SO much easier, just as quick,
and makes no mess.
I use Mobile Vactra #2 way oil which has a nice zip strip. You don't even
have to cut the separator cuts like you do on a paint bucket. Then the lid
snaps on and off easily.
HOWEVER. Master Chemical has gone to a solid rim bucket on their SC520.
There is no zip strip. There are no notches you can cut. Its solid full
thickness all the way around. I spent (and I don't think I am exaggerating)
15 minutes of concentrated effort with pliers and prybars to get the lid off
so I could use my bucket pump. I swear I've changed car tires off of rims
that took less effort and were done faster. After the lid was off I had to
straighten the edges of the bucket. I'm glad I wasn't pulling the top off a
completely full bucket or it would have made a huge mess.
So, there has got to be an easier way get that darn lid off. Please tell
me. What the heck is it?
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Bob La Londe
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Jim Wilkins
Years ago before there were the zip strips and before there were the slots you could cut I learned how to get the damn lids off. Without the special tool. You need to use either a pry bar or vise grips or similar to grip the lid edge. Get the tool in place and then press a knee into the center of the lid using most of your weight. Start prying the lid edge up. The pressure in the lid center deforms the lid and keeps the edge up once it is pried up. Once you are about a third of the way around the lid edge will tend to stay up. Eric
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I lucked out and got the better one by chance. It has dual bung wrenches built in, for 33/55g drums.
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Larry Jaques

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