how to setup a digital straight edge

I got one in a shop auction, 8", never out of the box. It is marked STM and made in China. It seems fairly well built. I got it to put on my mill/drill X-axis, but the setup eludes me. The end brackets have holes and are pretty straight forward, but the back of the travelling digital readout head has 2 small tapped holes. I'm not sure of the connection here. I guess it must be attached to a bracket on the mill/drill and the ends on the table, but it as only an 8" travel.If the table travel is longer, I assume I must design the brackets to be movable to encompass that extra travel. Can some kind person here give me a few ideas on this subject or point me in the right direction, a websight perhaps?

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Avoid all that confusion. Get some duck tape and a ruler out of your kids pencil box.

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I ASSume you are describing a DRO encoder. With only 8" of travel, this would be for either the quill or Y axis on a bridgeport style mill. The encoder must match the travel of the axis it is mounted to, or be longer than the travel of the axis. You cannot use it on an axis that is longer than the encoder travel.

The ends mount solid to the machine frame. The reader mounts to the axis. The alignment must be extremely good the full travel.

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Something like, "If I have to tell you, you probably shouldn't be using it anyway"?



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