Hydraulic quick connects for trailer

I would like to know, what would you suggest for hydraulic quick disconnects for this hydraulic beavertail trailer, to connect to the truck. I wouldlike to use something that everyone else is using. McMaster carr has a lot of those types and I do not know which ones would be most standard.


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I don't have an answer, but one relevant search term is gladhands. (A word perhaps derived from easy-connect/disconnect sense of "to glad hand"); eg

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James Waldby

Glad hands are for air, I need a hydraulic connector for the hydraulic line.

I did a lot of searching and looking to find something that wuld mate my trailer's connectors.

It turns out that the trailer has what is called "Wing Style quick connects", such as here:

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I think that it should work for me. I just need to get the male counterpart.

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Generally gladhands are used for air lines. You definitely want DIFFERENT ones for hydraulics.

The type used on farm equipment (quick disconnects) are pretty reliable. Are you planning on a PTO hydraulic unit on the trans, an engine driven (belt drive with electric clutch) or an electro-hydraulic power unit?

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