I also need drill manual

I am especially interested in the proper way to lubricate it. I also am intersted in how the original base functioned. Mine was obtained mounted on a surface plate- but I also got the base- which was much more beat up then the drill itself. The original base looks like it has a taper to take a peice to support the work to be drilled- but I have no Idea what it looked like to make a replacement- or know one if I ran across one. Can anyone post pictures of the base peice?

It is a very sturdy and well built drill.

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Your "Subject: " header, and some of the wording in your article suggests that this was a followup to something posted earlier, but the headers don't tie it to the other, so I am left scratching my head. Did the (presumed) other article mention what *brand* of drill this was? And what the model number was? As it is, I am just totally puzzled, as I suspect most others here are.

So -- please, more information from you, and then *maybe* someone can give you more information.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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