Impact wrench chuck

A guy a worked for had an electric impact gun fitted with a nifty drill
chuck: half inch capacity drill chuck and a 1/2" square drive. I'd
assemble trailers with the impact gun, have a suitable drill in the
chuck for the holes that didn't quite line up. Really nice to have the
gun switch to impact mode when it jammed up.
Anyone know where to get such a chuck these days? (Horrible Freight has
a sale on the impact gun)
I suppose I could make an adapter by turning a suitable taper on a 1/2"
drive socket or extension but.............
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If you can't find the chuck (which sounds very handy) and you don't want to mess with turning the taper, you could get a JT to straight shank adapter and a 1/2" drive socket that fits the shank closely - then braze them together.
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In article , rangerssuck wrote:
I am not sure a JT could take the repeated pounding from an impact gun. You might try to find a chuck that size with a threaded back or maybe weld the arbor to the chuck.
Chuck P.
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All mine says on it is "Jacobs No. 64-J9". Pretty sure I've seen them sold under the Proto and maybe Snap-On or Mac brands.
1/2" Square drive, 1/8-1/2 capacity, heavy duty keyless chuck. Works great for drilling out out of round holes, or lining up holes. A little rough on drill bits.
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Sigh. $4.25
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late, dollar short.
Regular price
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BillM wrote:
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$4.25 is not bad for a used chuck I guess, but it's a bit of a pig in a poke. How good are the Cowan ones in your second URL? Twenty bucks doesn't seem too much.
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John Husvar

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