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My local Home Hardware store sells fasteners by the pound in which it thankfully differs from all other stores selling fasteners here. The savings are substantial. Unless you want set screws: Those come in packages of one. A 3/16" 6-32 set screw costs $0.59.

I weighed it as accurately as I could and it weighs 0.1 gm. This makes it about $167 an ounce. This is over ten times more expensive than silver and just sligthly cheaper than palladium.

Now the question is what proportion of one's investment portfolio should be in set screws? Should one dabble in the set screw futures? From ethical point of view, is there such thing as a "blood set screw"?

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Michael Koblic
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At some point you will be screwed! Gerry :-)} London, Canada

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Gerald Miller

I tried to use 'conflict free' setscrews but they kept melting into the shaft.


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I think you'll find that unbonded tested semconductor die to be far more expensive per troy ounce. And high quality inkjet ink is thousands of dollars a gallon.

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Jim Stewart

Hm. Shafted *and* screwed...

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Michael Koblic

It is common to have cost plus minimum charge.

When I was a product development Engineer I caught the company selling parts in three price ranges. The bottom was as expensive as as the middle or top prices. Top means more than one would want if one had a handful of machines.

I was developing a machine and was setting up options. I built in user kits that was over the minimum charge level and gave good value.

We still made good money on the option - it payed for someone to mark, pack and ship but didn't send someone to a private school!

I visited a customer some years later and was thanked. He knew what I had done - buying the older machine parts and my machine parts. We kept that customer until he retired and the division was in business. Honesty pays.

Getting back to set screws - I bet you could buy a volume for a better price. Most of us don't use a pound of screws.


Mart> My local Home Hardware store sells fasteners by the pound in which it

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Martin H. Eastburn

It's a perfectly safe, Government backed investment on this side of the pond. The British Government has been screwing manufacturing industry for the last three decades :-|

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

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