Interesting sequel on the huge Ingersoll impact wrench

I sold that wrench on ebay. The winner was one of the members of this
newsgroup, B.B. He disassembled the impact and did maintenance on it,
and made great pictures as he went along. I put them on my webspace,
but deserve no credit for his work. My own picture of the entire unit
and video are provided. If you wanted to know what big impacts are
made of, and how to tune them up, see here:
formatting link

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Hey, iggy, finally got the new inlet fitting and adapter. Also installed the grease fitting. With enough air being supplied, this thing is a MONSTER. I didn't have anything that actually needed to be taken apart at the time, so I just grabbed the output in a vise and pulled the trigger. Ripped the vise off the table. Whoo hoo! On the down side, the inlet fitting, which is comparable to a pipe bushing, was $45! IR has some weird, non-standard thread size in the handle, and I have no lathe, so I got slightly raped today.
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That's unbelievable, I am glad that you did not (as would be the case for me) have the wrists ripped off your hands, instead of the vise.
That's quite bad, though I wonder why you did it, since it came with good fittings ending with NPT fitting? All fittings were in your parcel...
I am very happy that it finally works. I am sure that you could assemble or disassemble a big bridge with it...
I want to say thank you for your business.
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Nah, it kicks hard, but nowhere near wrist-breaking. It's more like the kind of twisting and jumping that'll make you tired in about two minutes--that's all. I think I'll saw off that stud on the side of the front housing. It's there for a handle, which I do not have and haven't been able to locate. Will probably cost a ton, plus the stud's threads are beat up. A "vise grip" chain wrench works just dandy as a handle anyway, plus I can flip it around to the other side when I want.
Yeah, but I wanted that pipe nipple out of there. It's really damned annoying to swing a tool around with many inches of adapters, couplers, and other crap sticking out one side. Beyond that, it's fragile. One drop might cost me an entire handle plus downtime. So it's worthwhile to try to remove every last piece of extraneous junk. Even if I break other parts in the process. Sooner or later every single bit of any tool will get in the way and you'll wish it gone. Might as well pull apart what I can now rather than in the middle of a job. Right now I have a big industrial interchange nipple in there, but eventually I'll probably swap it out for 91095K83 from Mcmaster plus a length of dedicated hose. If I can justify splurging like that.
No problem. Thanks for the impact. Lemme know if you ever come across any spline-drive sockets.
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BB, can you TIG weld a pipe fitting or some such to the existing handle? (making sure that the heat does not damage the wrench).
That way you could easily attach anything you want, to the NPT thread.
I would barely remove the I-R fitting from it, for testing purposes. I used a lot of penetrant and sweated a lot.
I think that it is a great idea to put a swivel fitting on it.
Sure, I will let you know... Stuff like that can be had for next to nothing when I do not need it, and costs an arm and a leg when I do... But I will keep my eyes open and will let you know if I come ascross something...
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