Iron ore

Does anyone know of a source for iron ore or ore pellets ? A few hundred
pounds would be plenty. I'm in southwestern Vermont but would still make the
purchase if it were far away. Its for a reenactment group project.
any info appreciated
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My local potters supply house has iron ore, which is used for adding color.
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Are there any steel mills in the area. I know, kinda obvious, but thought I'd ask. Have STELCO in Hamilton,Ont. in my backyard, so iron ore isn't really a problem to get... hth j
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j.b. miller
I'd contact the Chamber of Commerce in Virginia, Eveleth, Hibbing, Two Harbors or Silver Bay in Minnesota and ask them. When I had a 5th grade project on the state around 1980, they were happy to send a small bag of taconite pellets for free. There's got to be someone willing to ship a few boxes of them to you.
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Pete Bergstrom
Edmund Fitzgerald ? Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller
As my cousin for some. He is still on board.
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