Just bought a Rockwell horizontal mill

Are there any online groups for these mills? I came accross the mill and it
looks like is was used just a few times, its as new as they get. Doesn't
come with much an arbor and a few 30 taper collets. The condition is what
sold me, nothing like a new old machine. Any direction for help would be
great. It will fit nice in the corner for an odd job from time to time.
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wayne mak
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Well, I've got an old Rockwell catalog and can scan in the pages that describe the mill if that would be of interest to you. Sometimes that is useful if collecting old, original accessories is important to you.
As you probably know, the Rockwell mills are popular for home shops. I've got a comparably sized Clausing 8540 horizontal mill that is *almost* back up to running condition. It's using parts from two different mills and getting it up to operating status has taken me several years of very sporadic work. Buying a like new Rockwell was a smart decision!
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Mike Henry
The price made it very easy too. I have a millport mill and a nichols horizontal so I don't need another mill. I will some times just flip it to pay for some other tool but when I find a like new machine its hard to see it go out the door. This one is small, and the price is ok to sell me to keep it. It comes with an old M head that has never been fit to it so that will be a nice project, I spent ALL winter making kitchen cabinets, then ripping the old ones out moving walls and reinstalling. Thats done so no more saw dust, chips.
But now its getting warm out so time to make more stuff to fit my tractors, rebuild the kids gocart and make the grass green.
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wayne mak

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