KBC Tools and Machinery any good?

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I'm looking at buying ever more tools. How are KBC's prices and products?

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Louis Ohland
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I recommend them highly

I'm not usually buying thousand dollar tooling but the option is there. They usually have import and american tooling for everything with appropriate price differences.

If youre looking for the Kurt vises they are there But so are the Bison (Polish) and the "House brand" Chinese all at their appropriate price points.

What Differentiates an importer is the service and support

I bought an import (Russian based on the Cryllic label on the box) Machinist Level that was on sale. it might not have been the best but it would be quite good enough for a home shop person like me (especially without any other options) and the made int he USA one was

4x as much

The first one i got Arrived rusty. KBC took it back ups ground at their cost and inspected the replacement before sending it to me.

I was impresses since they noted and made SURE the second one was perfect before packaging it and sending it out

An importer will occasionally get Duds the thing that distinguishes a company is how they deal with the duds when they get it. They also have the best of the best available should you require it. If you need a surface plate you can get the cheap one thats flat to only 0.0001 across its surface or if you REALLY need the inspection grade surface plate its available and you can add 2 zeroes to the precision and three zeroes tot he price

They have been great to deal with and they have had no issues dealing with a small customer like me and they've had essentially any tooling i'd have needed so far

I'd recommend them highly as a result

Brent Philion Ottawa Canada

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I have been using them for work and myself for over 15 years, with very little complaint. Quality and pricing are pretty good with several levels to suit your your budget.

James Crombie

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James P Crombie

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Louis Ohland

I tried to get info on their lease to own program. I friend reccomend it to me because it was a cheap way to finance a new lathe. After several emails and a couple of phone calls, no one would even return my inquiry. Asked for a catalog and it never came either. Sad because some of the prices I caw were quite reasonable. They lost a customer with me, not a big customer, probably 10K a year for the next couple of years.

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