Keyless drill chuck from Chian review

I just finally got around to testing the new 5/8" keyless drill chuck (Albrecht ripoff) I got from work to go on my new drill press I got from work.

I was drilling *random chunk o' steel* (I also got from work). Probably structural as it had some kind of primer paint on it (as in, probably not some free-machining steel). I was using a 1/2" bit with a standard 118" point with no pilot. The chucked seemed to be holding very well with no sign of slipping.

Just thought I'd share. There are good ripoffs available out there. This one came from a distributor called "Samona" out of BC. The chuck looks very professional and feels pretty good other than a bit of inconsistant resistance as the jaws are open/closed. If it had "Albrecht" printed on it I probably wouldn't obviously know the difference.



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Robin S.
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Does your chuck have the little pelican logo stamped on it? I have one that does and I've been very pleased with it. I cannot tell the difference between it and an Alberecht. Maybe in a year or two I will though (:

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Jim Stewart

I have a european made copy on my DP, and I love it. If you are drilling with a heavy cut, you can have it self tighten to well beyond hand strength to loosen. I just use a pipe wrench on mine to loosen it if that happens, whcih I probably wouldn't do if it was an Albrecht and I had paid more than

12 pounds at a British flea market for it (new). Runout on a piece of drill rod is about the same as on the spindle, about ..002".

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If you obtain one of the common rubber strap wrenches often advertised today it'll probably work without marring even the expensive keyless chucks. They prove handy for lots of applications around the house. Arthritis in my hands has made jar screw type lid opening much harder than it was in my youth and the strap wrenches solve that problem well. The smaller size strap wrench would probably work well for tight bottle lids also.

Harold Burton

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Harold Burton

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