keyless chucks

Anyone running keyless drill chucks on their machines? I have all
keyed chucked for my CNC, but I got a few (at auction) in 30 taper for
my manual mill and #2mt for my drill press. They are all Albrecht
brand and none of of them hold a drill worth a damn. I thought
Albrecht was top of the line? are mine just worn out? They drop the
drill just turning off the spindle, reversing the spindle opens them
wide up.
I see keyless chucks for sale in all the catalogs on CAT40 shanks so I
guess someone is putting them in a mchining center.
I can quicky hand tighten my Jacobs 14N and it will hold a drill 20x
better than the albrecht if I hold the brake and give it all I got.
Of course every now and then the thing will grab a drill so hard I
need channel locks to get it out. What's up?
Thank You,
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One of Guy Lautard's Machinist's Bedside Readers has directions on refurbing Albrecht chucks, looked fairly easy once you get them apart. Just don't lose any balls. He said that either the chuck is worn(more like spots are polished) and needs a little attention inside or there's grease in the wrong spot if a chuck won't grip a shank. The regular Albrecht keyless aren't supposed to be run in reverse, you've found out what happens. If you take one apart, make sure you get the jaws back in the right slots or you'll have a runout problem.
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The spindle is decelerating too fast. The mass of the outer body keeps rotating while the spindle stops. PLOPP!
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Nick Müller
Your chuck jaws are probably worn out. Replace them to restore the grip.
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Randal O'Brian
Here's Albrecht's instructions.
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Pay particular attention to the warning to keep lube off the threads. Grease or oil in the wrong place will make the chuck feel springy when tightening and cause it to release too easily when reversing. I've fixed up a couple that acted like yours by disassembling, solvent cleaning, and reassembling per the instructions.
Guy Lautard's instructions are more detailed than those in the link.
RCM dogma says that you can't power tap with an Albrecht because the chuck will release when backing the tap out, but I have no problem up to at least 5/16-18 with a properly maintained chuck.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
I'll try the rebuild first.
Thanks to all.
Thank You, Randy
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