keyless drill chucks

2003-09-03 I recounted, "... chuck frequently loosens
enough to allow the drill to fly out."
Thanks to everyone for their replies. Ned Simmons
understands the problem.
I called Albrecht Tech. Support. The critical factor
is that the threads on the spindle and body must
be clean and free of lubricant. The Albrecht Staffer
said that the conical surface inside the hood, which
pushes the jaws together, can be greased.
I scrubbed the threads with detergent and water
and reassembled. The chuck now holds as well as
ever. At this rate it should last another 30 years,
if not 130. Pity that Ausonia seems to be gone.
With a new set of jaws or two this chuck might last
530 years! =8-))
Regards, Peter E.
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