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There is an Ausonia 1-13 mm keyless chuck here on a
13 mm drill press. The chuck is roughly 30 years of age
and has not received heavy use. When the power is
switched off and the spindle winds down, the chuck
frequently loosens enough to allow the drill to fly out.
As the chuck is turned to tighten or loosen, it is free of
any friction or roughness.
I've just dismantled, cleaned out a few chips and
reassembled with fresh grease. This had no effect
on the loosening behaviour.
Seems that the problem might be just a geometrical
feature of the design, such as the helix angle, which is
problematic only after the surfaces are worn smooth
from use.
Is there any solution other than buying a reverse-locking
If replacement is the best solution, I am interested in
advice about brands. These are approximate local
prices in Canadian dollars.
Rohm Spiro Heavy Duty 1/32 - 1/2" $210.
Jacobs High Torque/High Precision .039" - 1/2" $325.
Albrecht Classic 1/32" - 1/2" $345.
Thanks, Peter E.
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Peter Easthope
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Thanks Mike. Seems you prefer Albrecht above Jacobs. Will the Albrecht Classic always stay tight? Do I need the reverse-locking version?
Thanks, Peter E.
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Peter Easthope
Albrecht is the only brand of chuck that's never loosened on me.
Not that I've tried 'em all; no reason to.
Don't know if you need deluxe features.
It's the only brand of keyless chuck I've ever seen used in a CNC toolchanger, and certainly the only brand I'd trust there. Okay, maybe I'd spring for an extra locking feature on CNC tooling.
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Mike Halloran

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