Lathe Tooling Recommendations?

I have a South Bend 13" Lathe and am looking for cutting tool recommendations. I've been using HSS and Carbide tipped tools but thought some insert tooling might be beneficial. I have a Harbor Freight QC Tool Post that seems OK. Any recommendations for good general purpose (OD and Boring) tooling?

I like the idea of turning and facing in one setup like you can do with the

55 Deg diamond and 80 Deg inserts.

Thanks! RogerN

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I do mostly personal custom gunsmithing on the lathe, and 99% of the time I like HSS or Cobalt.

I grind some by hand, and grind some with precision angles on a "carbide grinder" with the white wheels:

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When I want to take off pounds of steel, I go to the $1 pre welded Carbide tool bits. They want lots of speed and feed and no interrupted cuts.

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Clark Magnuson

Anyone know a source for the white aluminum oxide wheels to fit this grinder?

I've got the HF copy with green wheels and would like to put a white wheel on one side for HSS bits. I've been looking but no luck so far finding anything but green and diamond wheels in stock anywhere.

David Merrill

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David Merrill

I got my Norton white wheel from J&L Industrial, but they no longer seem to be available there or anywhere else in the 6x1x1-1/4 size. The only thing close I can find has a 2" width. You might keep your eye on EBay for one.


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Alan Wright

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