Need help with 'infinite' switch!

I am putting together a small electric foundry. To control the coil current, I picked up a GE infinite switch. It has electrical tabs for L1, L2, H1, H2, and P I'm uncertain about the P connector. Is this to turn on a bulb? If so: 1) Is the bulb 110 or 220? 2) Where does the return connect to? The actual switch is numbered WB21X5354.

I've been to a couple of appliance stores to sneak a peek at the wiring diagrams that come with new stoves, but the diagrams are no longer included...

Chet in Cleveland

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Chet & Audrey Roberts
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The P is for "pilot" and that's about all I know. When I built a Gingery-style "Lil Bertha" I left the P unconnected. When the furnace is plugged in, it's on. When it's unplugged, it's off.

Hope this helps -- Terry

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Those things are all over pottery kilns, you might wanna check with one of the clay groups.

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probably SCR based controller, I had a pottery kiln like that.

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