Lincoln tig foot pedal problem?

I've got a Lincoln Square Wave 175 Tig welder. Today the foot pedal
was acting up. Sometimes the pedal would respond and sometimes not. I
checked the ground to the welding table. The arc would sometimes stop
in the middle of the weld.It seems to me the problem is in the pedal.
At times I needed to throttle the pedal to get an arc started. The gas
solenoid is responding. Do foot pedals wear out?
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Rick Maston
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Sounds like a bad connection. I suggest unplugging the foot pedal and plugging it back in, see if that helps. Then open up the foot pedal itself and see if you can see a bad connection. The foot pedal has two things in it, I think, a rheostat for the current and a switch for the gas and power. Rheostats can go bad, but can sometimes be fixed with a spray from radio shack, look for one for volume controls.
Another possibility is some kine of mechanical failure inside the pedal, but this sounds like an intermittent electrical problem
Rick Mast> I've got a Lincoln Square Wave 175 Tig welder. Today the foot pedal
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Richard Ferguson
Yes. You have a single range foot switch? Or the Foot Amptrol?
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Another possible. The wire right before the foot pedal connection gets flexed and abused a lot. One of the little wires inside the cable may have broken and only work when the pedal is just so. This happened to me on my cnc mill limit switch. Drove me nuts (short trip for me) with intermittent failure.
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Karl Townsend
I agree with Richard, but first would use a ohmmeter and check the readings at the plug to the foot pedal. IIRC there are four wires, two to the switch and two to the rheostat. I think the rheostat is 5 kohm.
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Dan Caster
Thanks everbody for the replies1 I have a Amptrol. I disconnected the plug that goes to the machine and re plugged it in and all seems fine.
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Rick Maston

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