Lincoln Squarewave 175

i'd like to buy a tig welder. I've come across as used Lincoln
Squarewave 175 for 1300$canadian complete with torch, pedal, and
I'm looking to weld both steel and aluminium. Is the SW 175 a little
too old to consider? Is the price good/fair/terrible?
Any input would be appreciated.
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David keyen
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In my opinion, this would be a good machine at a good price...
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They are good machines for TIG on Steel and Aluminum. They will stick weld pretty well, but limit 6010 and 7018 electrodes to 3/32".
We have 2 of them at school.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Reputedly an issue is that older copper-and-iron machines can use up to twice the power for the same welding work as modern silicon "inverter" welding machines. The real problem can be if an older machine's power requirement is more than the mains can supply - whereas an more expensive inverter set might be able to plug into the mains as it is. In Europe with 240V supply this is rarely an issue but in N.Am. with 110V supply it can be.
Ernie vouches for the quality of this machine and he knows... I can tell you I learned TIG mainly on a 1960's copper-and-iron machine of massive size with great big clunking electro-mechanical relays as you put your foot on the power pedal, but it was the sweetest running of all the machines in the TIG welding bay, all the others being inverters...
Richard Smith
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I have a SQW 175 and I find it completely satisfactory, but then I have only used this one machine...$1300 is about 60% of current new price for the new 175 machine. I think that if it's in good nick it would be a deal. I almost never see light Tig machines in my local papers, only 600 volt three phase from time to time.
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I just bought a new lincoln 185 online for $1500 delivered to my door for free with no tax. comes with a 3 yr warranty. G
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Care to share the name of the dealer ???
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Jeff Sellers
US$ or Can$ ???
me wrote:
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