Linear bearings help?

I am making a sliding art piece. I need to have 4 linear bearings
that will slide on two pieces of stainless steel (horizontally). I am
not sure the best place to buy linear bearings, AND I don;'t want to
end up buying the bearings and find out that I can't find the
stainless steel rods that fit exactly. Is there standards for linear
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David D
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Go to ebay and search linear bearings. You will likely see what you need.
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Tom Gardner
You can buy them as a set from any of your bearing distributors (Motion Industries, Applied Industrial Technologies, Kaman or a number of independents depending on where you live). You might find them cheaper on eBay and get lucky with the length of the shaft. I bought some once with longer shafts than I needed then cut them to size but wrap the bearings well to make sure no contamination gets in and do not remove them as many types will fall apart if removed from the shaft. There are styles that don't do that but be sure before you take them off or you'll have little balls everywhere.
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-- Ed Huntress
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Ed Huntress
I have purchased "reasonable" quality/price bearings (and the shafts) from
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The also sell on eBay
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David D wrote in news:1190030033.883195.191110@
Try Misumi USA. Good prices, good delivery, excellet product. You want to open the Automation Components catalog.
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