Who sells band saw blades in SF Bya Area


does anyone know who sells band saw blades for 14" Delta band saw(93 1/2"?) in SF Bay Area.

Thanks, Alex

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[Try Standard Saw Works in Oakland: 181 10th St. 510-832-0856. If they don't have it premade, they can weld it up for you. I went in there a while ago and spent about $80 on assorted blades for various bandsaws - scroll type, bimetal, different tooth counts; the lady behind the counter looked at me like I was a drunken sailor on shore leave squandering his pay, but they made them all up to specifications, and it came out cheaper than at Grainger's.]

Andrew Werby

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Andrew Werby

Since you didn't mention what type of blade or what quality you are looking for, you can go anywhere from Woodcraft, Rocklers, or even Sears.


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