Looking for ball and socket joint

I have an idea for a tool for glassblowing and it could use a small ball and socket joint, ball maybe 8mm . The joint would need to be able to be tilted about 15 degrees max each way and rotated and clamped solidly once positioned. I have seen items that use such a joint but can't remember where. An off the shelf solution available in the UK would be great. Any ideas.



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David Billington
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Something like this?

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On Mon, 24 Sep 2007 21:45:16 GMT, with neither quill nor qualm, David Billington quickly quoth:

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Like this?
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might carry something you need.

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Larry Jaques

What about:

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or whatever URL it is.......

RS Stock No 346-9597

S/steel ball & socket joint,M8x1.25mm mfg by CAMLOC INDUSTRIAL FIXINGS

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