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hello ladies and gents . i own a small rock shoppe here in southwest oklahoma. currently i trade rocks shells indian artifacts etc with people from about 18 staes and 4 different countries. i have been cutting and polishing stones and making jewelry for yrs. if there is anyone out there who shares my passion for rocks shells etc please post me a msg or feel free to e-mail me directly ...thank you for letting me post here ..respectfully WOODY

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woody jackson
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Hey Woody, I saw a guy once at a Navajo flea market in Gallup. He broke a milk of magnesia blue bottle and in about 3 minutes flaked out a beautiful blue glass arrowhead. He was selling them for about $10 and I figured oh well it's just a souvenir. I wish now I'd bought it - you ever see anything like that?


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Grant Erwin

Ya know - that brings to mind a story I have to tell from Costa Rica. I was hanging out with the local 'handy man' in a village in CR and he was stumped by a blender. Take the damned thing apart and nothing was obviously wrong. Put it back together and it ran for a few seconds and then seized up. On close examination of the drive shaft to the blades of the blender I remarked that it looked a little rough. The dude (an ancient black man) looked closer and said nothing. He got up and wandered back behind his shed and returned with a piece of broken window glass. He then proceeded (using a scrap piece of hard wood) to 'knap (spelling?)' that glass into a very sharp knife. He shaved the (plastic) shaft smooth with the knife and then re-assembled the blender. It ran perfectly!! It was only after a few tears had passed that I really understood what technology he had used to make that knife. Stone-age technology. What a rush when that particular coin dropped.

Regards. Ken.

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Ken Davey

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