Empty P-U going north in CA at Thanksgiving

I was supposed to pick up a bandsaw in the Sacto area at Thanksgiving but have just been informed by the seller that instead of holding it for me he sold it. Right now I have over 10 lathes suitable for a home shop and often hear about the lack of availabilty in north-central CA. Is there anyone here that is ready for an American or possibly a clean

1992, 12" x 32" Taiwan machine. Price on that one is $1750. and I have lathes from $600. up to $10,000. I am committed to driving my truck, now, as airplane tickets are gone. Call me at (949) 645-7601 (days) if you want ot talk about hobby machine. Leigh
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I was in Leighs shop last week and he has some very nice machines. Recommended!

Get your Christmas present early.


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Think of it as having your older brother knock the shit out of you for torturing the cat." Gunner

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I've purchased from Leigh before, and have visited his shop. Leigh is a great guy to deal with. I also recommend him.


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