Machine and Fab Shop Space Leased!

On May 1 the Tod Engine Foundation took posession of leased space that will
become our "Restoration Shop". The building that we are leasing is about
3,300 square feet of a former steel mill powerhouse. It is broken up into
three floors, each about 17' x 75'.
The building is reinforced concrete and brick, a fortress of a building if I
ever saw one. Built in 1916, my space was orginally used to house switchgear
for the 3500 kw and 1500 kw steam turbines out in the main bay. The first
floor will become a fab shop, the second floor the machine shop and the
third floor will be converted into an office for the Foundation and also a
library of our collection of steel mill information and technical books.
The second floor has windows all along the west side, and has plenty of
light for doing any kind of machining work. How will I get the machien
tools to the secodn floor you may ask? Well, the adjacent bay has a 20 ton
crane and there is a double door onto the second floor of my area, so its a
simple matter of hoisting the machinery up to the second floor and rolling
it through the doors into my space. The machine shop will soon be the home
of our collection of ancient machinery, including our turn of the century
Hendey lathe, Schumaker & Boye lathe, two Cincinnati Bickford drills,
Sellers planer and hopefully a couple of machines from out in California.
Its a perfect setting for recreating a turn of the century machine shop that
will be used to maintain a 1914 rolling mill engine.
Rick Rowlands
Tod Engine Foundation
Youngstown, OH
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Tod Engine Foundation
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Forgot to mention that the lease is for $150 a month! Have to install my own utilities though but where else can you get space that cheap these days?
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Tod Engine Foundation
congratulations how bout a link to pictures when it is done
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