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I don't recall seeing this posted. ============== Welcome to the Virtual Machine Shop machine tool training and instruction online supported by you!

Lathes, Milling Machines, CNC, CAD/CAM, Metallurgy, Metrology, Tooling, Grinding, Work Holding, EDM, Molds, Dies, Foundry, Forge, Sawing, Gun Drilling,

  • 400 pages of instruction * 600 graphic images * 100 animations * 100 videos instruction

to go to the web site click on

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FWIW -- I was finely able to update from 28.8k POTS to a 1-10m wireless internet connection. Lots of good stuff available with a decent connection.

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Seems to be a really well-done site, very readable, well-laid out.

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And it's even got a forum that we can pollute with off topic posts!

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