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The magic smoke finally escaped from my Milwaukee 4.5" angle grinder. I think I got my money out of it ;found in a box of yard sale junk $10 in 1987 looked heavily used then. It's been set up with a wire wheel for some time now and had a habit of getting to hot to hold for a while. The sad part is the replacement ( if I went and bought one...have 2 others ) will cost far more and probably not last 1/2 as long.



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Oh, you're in luck - the highly popular HF 4 1/2" is on sale ($9.99):

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Some people claim that this (blue) is a POS & you should get the yellow (?) $19.99 one, but this one's going fine for me.

For the price of a Milwaukee, you can get 10 of these.


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Bob Engelhardt

On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 11:54:34 -0400, with neither quill nor qualm, "AndrewV" quickly quoth:

So, are they going to warranty it?

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Larry Jaques

Simple solution, keep buying those old tools at garage sales, they are beter than most of the junk sold today. A sad situation, but true.


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Jon Elson

You *might* be able to get parts for the machine. Do you know what happened to it?

Armature and gearbox aren't worth replacing. Switch, brushes, plastic case (usually), cord are worth your time and energy.

Current Milwaukee machines have a 5 year warranty, and 1 year free maintainence. Something to think about. Their grinders are quite nice (don't reallly care for their current cordless lines).

Those HF grinders sound like a bad idea for times when you'll be holding the machine for long periods. Being comfortable while using a grinder is a real plus, and the injuries that can result from prolonged use of cruddy ones aren't worth it, IMHO. Metabo tools feel really nice (3 year warranty with web registration) but won't take the same abuse as Milwaukee's tools.



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