McCormmic=Deering tractor update

I went and looked at the tractor this afternoon and found the data plate on the firewall behind the shifter

As best as I can make out:

Mod 012 Serial # GS2190 Drawing 2120

With International Harvester printed on the bottom of the data plate.

I also have a couple pictures for those interested and have a valid email addy

Based on the numbers doing a web search..these are similar tractors

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That tractor should have considerable value to an antique tractor collector. There's a lot of these folks in the midwest - they would bid the heck out of this thing at an antique farm auction.


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Karl Townsend

I just bought this thing,

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I also bought the domain for $4.95 for one year.

"Karl Townsend" wrote in message news:009we.10616$

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